Hungry Homer Donuts are baked, will this taste the same as store bought fried donuts?

They are different; baked donuts are slightly more cake like but have a unique flavor unlike cake. Baked donuts are significantly healthier than fried ones and we let that justify why we add wayyyyyy more toppings!

Do you supply ready baked or ready made donuts for an event?

Nope, we only supply donut baking and decorating kits – using a kit is seriously more fun and then you have bragging rights if you make them all yourself, or you can feature donut baking and decorating as the event activity!

Do you supply kits for events?

We sure do! We supply kits on the reg for all types of events including baby showers, hens parties, kids parties and adults birthdays. Checkout our ready made kits or fill in our Contact Us form to enquire about a custom order.

Can you do custom toppings for events?

We ‘donut’ say no (see what we did there!) We are basically messiahs when it comes to toppings. We will work with you to make your donut dreams, your donut realities. Let us know what you’re after using our contact us form and we will contact you shortly with our suggestions and a quote.

How long does it take to make each kit?

This is such a tricky question to answer as there are so many variables. Mixing the batter and baking the donuts takes approximately 15-20 minutes and then decorating the donuts can take anywhere from 20 – 50 minutes depending on the detail and precision used / the age and abilities of the person decorating the donuts.

Will you run a donut making workshop?

At this stage we are too flat chat supplying DIY Donut Kits to all you Hungry Homers out there! Submit your interest on our Contact Us page and when we go down that route we will reach out to you.

How long will the kits last for?

Each kit will include a best before date. Generally speaking we endeavour to supply kits that have a minimum of three months left until expiry.

If I pre-bake the donuts how long will they last?

Baking your donuts as close to your event or donut decorating session as possible is of course ideal but if you bake the donuts up to 24 hours prior and store them in a sealed container they will still be tip-top.

Once the donuts are iced how long do they last?

Listen here, you aren’t going to be able to resist eating them, we don’t even know why you're asking, butttttttttt we recommend prime eating time is within 36 hours of the donuts being made but we have found they will last nicely for several days.

How should I store the donuts once I’ve baked and decorated them?

Pop the donuts in the fridge for a couple of minutes to set.  Store the donuts in a sealed container in a cool room or they can be stored in the fridge.

Will you supply kits for corporate events / team bonding?

We sure will, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a boss that provides the donuts? Baking and decorating donuts is a great team bonding experience leading to an increase in workplace engagement and interaction which in turn leads to improved ability to attract and retain quality employees (of course decorating donuts retains employees – dah!). Head over to shop our pre-made kits or if you require something custom such as a kit that makes donuts in your brands colours shoot us through an enquiry on our contact us page.

Do you supply kits wholesale to retail stores?

Oh hey there, we see you checking us out. Fill in our Contact Us form and we will reach out for a chat.