Donut baking & decorating kits that give back to the Australian community – what’s not to be obsessed with?

How it went down

Hungry Homer Donuts was born during 2020 ISO-life where all of the bread baking, pottery sessions and Pinterest recreations had been exhausted. Emily, a self-confessed part-time extrovert and part time introvert wanted to find something fresh and entertaining (yet not tacky) to make at home.

The brands - simplicity, easy to follow instructions and fool proof results are the outcome of the creator, I quote “seriously hating cooking and having a complete inability to follow a recipe”. Hungry Homer Donuts was born out of a need for simplicity and downright cute AF donuts.

Giving Back

Incorporating giving back to the Australian community was a non-negotiable element of the brands creation. 1 In 6 Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last year. 60,000+ Australians are turned down each month when seeking food relief - 1/3 of these are children. Hungry Homer Donuts teamed up with the organisation Food for Change who provide nutritious meals for hungry Australians through their farms and food rescue service.

The sale of 1 Hungry Homer Donut Kit = 5 nutritious meals for hungry Australians.

The big bang

Hungry Homer Donuts have been on a mission to rid boring celebrations and transform them into insta worthy ones. The donut baking and decorating kits quickly grew from an at home DIY ISO activity to a date night activity essential, girl’s night activity necessity, unique baby shower experience, hen’s day event, adult party fun and parent and child bonding activity. More than ever people are valuing spending time with the wonderful people around them while making those ‘forever’ memories.

What’s the haps now

The idea of giving a gift which is life changing for those doing it tough in our community while also providing a wholesome and creative experience has resonated with Australians. It’s been the perfect gift fit for the “I have everything” person. (At the end of the day nothing gets a message across like donuts right?)

Heading into Corporate love

The cool corporates on the block have snapped up the donut baking and decorating kits as a creative team building experience and have become a part of the Hungry Homer brand journey. Who doesn’t love a boss that provides the donuts?  The donut kits promotes self-expression which is proven to enhance a sense of well-being as well as encouraging problem solving, increasing productivity and boosts confidence. Baking and decorating donuts as part of team fosters bonding as well an increase in workplace engagement and interaction which in turn leads to improved ability to attract and retain quality employees (of course decorating donuts retains employees – dah!).

As the journey continues we would love you to come along for the ride. Jump over to our blog to read more about where we are headed and what we have been up to.

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