Make the Perfect Marbled Donut in 10 Easy to Follow Steps

Make the Perfect Marbled Donut in 10 Easy to Follow Steps

We’ve all seen those insta-perfect marbled icing donuts, but HOW on earth is it possible?

We all hate wasting time stuffing about trying to workout how people manage to create those Pinterest worthy donuts with marbled icing. We have tried all the techniques, the messy fried donuts, the icing that sets too fast, the colours that bleed together and the ones that taste down right rank. We will let you in on our secrets – we are cute like that.

Whipping Up Those Donuts

Wash your grubby little paws.

If you are using one of our donut kits pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees celsius. Wash and dry the silicone tray/s prior to use.

Step 1: Grease the donut pan with butter or oil.

Step 2: To make 12 donuts pour the donut mix into a bowl, add 175mls of water and stir the mix to combine.

Step 3: Scoop the mix into the piping bag (an easy way to do this is to put the piping bag into a cup and fold the bag over the top of the cup to hold it in place.) Cut approximately 2cm off the end of the piping bag and gently squeeze the mix into the donut pan, filling 1.5cm of the pan with the batter. Tap the tray on the bench to even out the mixture, you can use the back of a spoon to touch up any messy bits. The most important thing is to not overfill the pan, less is more, we mean it! We have provided the exact amount of mixture so that if you run out of mixture you know that you have overfilled and need to redistribute the mix.

Step 4: Bake for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Allow donuts to cool in the pan, the donuts will be fragile until they cool down and can crumble slightly which will make the icing appear un-even. Once they are cool press the middle of the pan in each donut (this loosens the donuts from the pan) turn over the pan and carefully pop them out of the mould and onto a plate.

Now Lets Ice, Ice Baby

We have specially selected our formulation of white truffle icing due to its ability to be heated in the microwave, stay consistent and not dry too quickly (who doesn’t love the easy option?)

Step 6 - melting the icing: decide how many colours / shades of icing you wish to make and divvy up the icing accordingly. For each colour you are making, scoop the truffle icing into a small microwave safe bowl. Microwave the icing for 20 seconds at a time, stirring it each time you check it to stabilise the temperature. You will know it’s ready to use when it’s runny. If required you can re-melt the icing in the microwave. Continue this process until you have a bowl of each colour you are using.

Step 7 - colouring the icing: add a little colouring at a time and stir it through to check the colour before adding more, a little goes a very long way and too much colouring can effect the icing consistency.

OR if you would like the marbling to be extra strong and really stand out you can simply heat up one bowl of icing and then add drops of straight food colouring around the bowl. 

adding food colouring to marbled donut icing

Step 8 - marbling the icing: to marble the icing pour one icing colour into a bowl, in a random circular motion pour in your other chosen icing colour/s in your desired amounts. Drag a spoon through the icing in a random circular motion to mix colours slightly  Or if you have decided to use the direct food colouring method drag a spoon through the food colouring in a circular motion. Pick up your donut by its sides, hold the neat side towards the icing, twist it in the icing and then place it on a plate ready to decorate.

marbled donut icing

purple marbled donuts

marbled donut icing

Step 9 – decorate the donuts: If you want to get real jazzy add lollies, decorations and /or glitter to your donuts.

Step 10 – set the icing: Pop the donuts in the fridge for a couple of minutes to set.

Store the donuts in the fridge.

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