How the Purchase of a DIY Donut Kit Helps to Alleviate Food Insecurity in Australia

How the Purchase of a DIY Donut Kit Helps to Alleviate Food Insecurity in Australia

Incorporating giving back to the Australian community was a non-negotiable element of the Hungry Homer brand creation. Did you know that 1 In 6 Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last year? Would it surprise you to hear that 60,000+ Australians are turned down each month when seeking food relief - 1/3 of these are children? These stats were all we needed to hear to reach out to a wonderful organisation; Food For Change.

Hungry Homer Donuts have now teamed up with this ground-breaking organisation who provide nutritious meals for hungry Australians through their farms and food rescue service with the goal to help alleviate food insecurity in Australia.

The sale of 1 Hungry Homer Donut Kit = 5 nutritious meals donated to hungry Australians.

Food For Change is such an inspiring organisation who truly believe in an abundant Australia where anybody can get the food relief they need at anytime, no matter the circumstances; can’t blame us for wanting to support that! We donate a portion from each sale to the organisation to support their cause. The organisation grows nutritious fruit, vegetables and herbs on otherwise unused farm lands which are tended to by volunteers and this food is then donated to food relief agencies.

Food For Change is always on the lookout for suitable land that they are able to grow more food on to continue broaden the number of people they are able to provide support to. If you own land or know of land in your region that you think might be suitable please head over to complete the Food For Change Contact Form.

Currently 1 in 10 Australians Seek Food Relief Annually and over 1/4 of These People Are Turned Away, help us to help them change the statistics for a brighter future for all Australians from all walks of life by purchasing a donut kit today.