Choosing us is YOU Choosing the Environment

Choosing us is YOU Choosing the Environment

You care about our environmental footprint that’s why we say no to wasteful packaging; its so old school anyway.

Sustainable packaging means meeting the needs of the present generations without threatening the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Maintaining a better quality of life for everyone, for now and for generations to come.

Lets talk out what you’re getting your hands on:

THE Hungry Homer Box

I was printed using eco-friendly ink.

Unlike conventional inks, UV inks do not contain harmful solvents.

Re-use or recycle me!

I can be used to store all kinds of goodies.

I can be an open-ended world of fun for a child to use in their pretend shop or as the basis of their next crafting masterpiece.

PLA Containers Holding Icing, Lollies, and Chocolates

Surprise, we are made from plants, not plastic!

We are low carbon, made from renewable plant-based materials and we are compostable.

Some of the plants we are made of include: corn, cassava, sugar cane and sugar beet.

casava used to make donut packaging sustainable

Sustainable growing practices are used to grow the plants used by to make PLA:

  • No sourcing from land with high biodiversity
  • Sustainable agricultural practices used
  • Environmental protection is assured
  • Social sustainability is assured (no child labour, workers are protected, labour conditions are protected, land rights are assured, training is provided and water rights are assured.)

Implementing this PLA growing scheme has involved helping farmers to alter their growing practices for greater sustainability.

Try us in your home compost or contact your council to find out about their industrial grade composting services. There are around 150 Industrial Composting and Organics Recycling facilities in Australia.

Small Screw Top Glitter and Food Colouring Containers 

Give us a new life before we head to your recycling bin and use us to store your craft goodies.

Stuck for ideas of how to use us?

Wash us up with hot soapy water and we will be like new. Then we can be:

  • Storage for your craft ‘bits and pieces’ think glitter, beads and sequins
  • Storage for small jewellery
  • Travel containers for small portions of make-up

The Donut Mix Pouch

I’m 100 % biodegradable and compostable.

Try me in your home compost or contact your council to find out about their industrial grade composting services.

PLA composting environmentally friendly donut packaging

The impact of humankind on the natural world is one the greatest challenges we face today and in the decades ahead, let’s not be part of the problem but leaders in finding solutions.

Impress us with how you’re re-using, reducing and recycling your Hungry Homer packaging by tagging us on the gram @hungryhomerdonuts.