Adelaide’s Best Donut – The Never ending Search

Adelaide’s Best Donut – The Never ending Search

We are featured in Kids in Adelaide's Best Donut list!

Check out an excerpt below or read the full article here.

Donuts. Nobody hates a donut and if they do, they aren’t worth knowing anyway. Probably the most important food in our economy, shown by the fact that when referencing any country town the quality of the bakery is point number 1, and every bakery lives or dies by its donuts. Case closed. Donuts are King.

Possibly a little known fact is that the first Friday in June is International Donut Day (or doughnut for the purists). Falling slightly behind Christmas and miles ahead of Valentines Day as THE most important holiday of the calendar year, this is a great occasion to celebrate our favourite food and to also give praise to the fabulous makers of these delicious round delights….the bakeries. The supermarkets. The franchise mega bakers who produced donuts so addictive, they filled overhead lockers on all flights to Adelaide for a decade.

Our man on the ground has done the miles, eaten the good, the bad (no such thing) and the ugly to come up with a list of some of the top Donuts in our fair state. Feel free to give strong feedback advocating for places we should visit and try out. Scoring a donut is tough, and unlike some things, size doesn’t matter…..but it sort of does if it is too small.

Side note – this isn’t some insta worthy, heart attack inducing list of ridiculous donut creations where one simply adds a kit kat to a round ball of dough. The traditional choccie donut is our weapon of choice, but we will mention a spot if they also offer the enhanced variety of insta donuts!

Hungry Homer Donut Kits

Donuts are more than just bakery visits here in Adelaide! Think outside the (donut) box – how epic is this Adelaide business offering DIY donut baking and decorating kits? It’s all sustainably package AND they donate a meal for every five kits sold. We LOVE that. Make donuts with serious bling at your next party, event, girl hang, date night or gift a kit as a beautiful creative experience. Order HERE PS did we mention it’s a local Adelaide start up? #ichoosesa

Excerpt taken from Kids in Adelaide's article by Tim on Friday 4 June 2021.