A Fresh Twist on Tradition - Welcome Our New Owner, Caroline!

A Fresh Twist on Tradition - Welcome Our New Owner, Caroline!

Hello, dear donut devotees!

 It's a season of sweet change at Hungry Homer Donuts, and we're incredibly thrilled to share the news with all of you, our cherished customers. There's a refreshing zephyr of sugared excitement swirling through the air at our beloved donut haven, as we warmly welcome our new owner, Caroline, to the Hungry Homer family!

Caroline, a connoisseur of confections and a wizard with whisk and dough, steps into this new role with a sparkle in her eye and a playbook of scrumptious ideas. Her passion for creativity and community is already shaping the future of Hungry Homer Donuts, promising to take us on a delectable journey unlike any we've experienced before. She's a mum of four and an artist, teacher and ex professional children's entertainer and designer. Caroline has also founded many successful small businesses, but this will be her first foray into the world of Shopify and product-based biz! She owns Paint Mentality, Uncle Matthew's Air BNB and Tea and Sequins Social. Caroline's favourite things are web design, content creation, mid-century design and anything anyone is wearing in Sweden and her children (of course!)

Caroline Wall with her husband Matt and daughter all smiling at the camera

Caroline, her fiancé Matt and youngest child, Bridie. 

Here are some weird facts about our new owner:

  1. Has never had a cup of coffee.
  2. Was SA's first Captain Starlight
  3. Has a misspelt tattoo on her foot (not her fault!)
  4. Is a seriously bad night owl (hoot hoot)
  5. Is currently learning Spanish!
  6. Is a painter having attended Nth Ad Visual Arts and loves to paint murals (see below) 


As we open this new chapter, it's important to glance back at the pages written by our trailblazing founder, Emily. Without her vision, Hungry Homer Donuts wouldn't be the community cornerstone it is today—a place where friends meet, families celebrate, and every bite feels like a lovingly crafted masterpiece. Emily started with a dream and a single mixer, spinning sugar and spice into the threads that have woven us all together. 

Thanks to Emily's dedication, Hungry Homer Donuts has been more than just a corner of the internet to grab a sweet treat; it's where connections were made, where smiles came as standard with every order, and homes were full of the scent of fresh coffee and warm, glazed delights.

Caroline wishes to extend her heartfelt gratitude to her beautiful friend Emily for creating such a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. She brings her own dash of unique flair and innovation, blending seamlessly with the existing tapestry of this bustling donut destination.

 Two women smiling in a car

Caroline and Emily!

Excitement abounds with whispers of new flavours, community-focused events, and a commitment to keeping the spirit of Hungry Homer Donuts alive and more enticing than ever. Caroline is not just committed to preserving the essence of this business but eagerly anticipates enriching it with her infectious enthusiasm and fresh ideas. 

So, let's raise a Purple Petal, a Chockie Blockie, or a Boujee to Caroline and Emily! Here's to the memories we've made and those yet to come. Pop by instagram to take a bite into the future of Hungry Homer Donuts—where every donut is a promise of joy and every visit an assurance of belonging. 

Multi coloured mural with young girl wearing blue hat playing at a toy kitchen

We're more than just donuts; we're family. And like the best family recipes, we only get sweeter with time.

Warmest wishes and the sweetest thanks, Caroline and the Hungry Homer Donut Team!